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     There are so many tiny details that are a part of everyday life which are beautiful, but often go unnoticed. Every object, no matter how seemingly unimportant, has millions of connections that tie it to the rest of the world. Our lives are made of these tiny details and it is my desire to bring them into the light and find beauty in small things.

     By using recycled materials I hope to bring attention to the material waste in our society and also give these unwanted items a new life. I use them to create larger images that both disguise the small and brings attention to it. Each button or bead becomes just another brush stroke on the canvas, blending together to create an image, while at the same time retaining its own unique presence.  

     When I first started working in this collage medium, I had no idea where it would lead. I didn’t set out to relate any image or message, I simply began to create. The more I worked with the materials the more I came to find meaning in the images I was creating. Its as if the images already exist and I am merely putting the pieces together like some kind of jigsaw puzzle.

     More than anything however, my art is a work of joy and passion. I create art because I can’t not create art. I make art that feels right to me, that somehow makes sense even when nothing else in life does. My hope is that others can find joy in my art and that maybe it will remind them to find the beauty in small things.


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