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collage mosaic fine-art

     I have always had a fascination with the small details of the world and how those details speak to the interconnection of everything. Every object, no matter how seemingly unimportant, has millions of connections that tie it to the rest of the world. Imagine the many hands that have been a part of stocking juice bottles in your local store; from the farmers, to the bottle plant, to the truck drivers, to the store employees, to you. That bottle cap, and all such objects, tells a story of the connections in our lives.  

     Through the use of found objects, I hope to bring attention to the connections between people, society and the planet, while highlighting the inherent beauty present in every-day objects. The details in life are often overlooked in our fast-paced lives, but by slowing down, the beauty of small things can be revealed. Each button, bead or bottle cap in one of my collages becomes a brush stroke on the canvas, blending together to create an image, while at the same time retaining its own unique presence and connection the the world.  


Goreyesque Bastards.  Group exhibition.  Richard F. Brush Art Gallery.  2016

Discomfort Zone.  Group exhibition.  Richard F. Brush Art Gallery.  2016

Connect.  Installation. Canton, New York. 2016

SLC Arts Member Show. Group exhibition. Gibson Gallery. 2017

Raw Boston Presents Connect.  Group exhibition. Mixx 360. 2018

Kaleidoscope. Solo exhibition. Potsdam, NY. 2018

SLC Arts Member Show. Group exhibition. Gibson Gallery. 2019

Foster the Plant. Ongoing installation. Potsdam, NY. 2019-Present

SLC Arts Member Show. Group exhibition. Online Exhibition. 2020

Bits and Pieces. Group exhibition. Potsdam, NY. 2021

Heron Hetzler

Heron Hetzler at her home studio

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